“Tulia unaachwa Kesho Venye Umezaa,” Carol Sonnie Now tells RuthK after Birth.

The ongoing drama surrounding comedian Mulamwah’s romantic life shows no signs of resolution, with his ex-girlfriend, Carol Sonnie, once again taking to social media to express her thoughts.

This time, Carol’s outburst is triggered by Mulamwah’s recent addition to fatherhood with his current girlfriend, Ruth K, who gave birth to their son, Oyando Junior.

Carol Sonnie, known for her outspoken nature regarding her past relationship with Mulamwah, did not shy away from sharing her perspective on the unfolding situation.

In a video she shared, Carol implied that history was repeating itself, suggesting that Ruth K might soon face the same fate of being discarded, just as Carol had experienced.

The initial chapter of this saga unfolded when Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie’s relationship ended amidst public scrutiny. During that time, Carol had accused Mulamwah of neglecting her after the birth of their child.

Now, with Mulamwah celebrating the arrival of a son with Ruth K, Carol Sonnie appears to be drawing parallels between her own past and Ruth K’s current situation.

Carol Sonnie did not hold back in her social media posts, pointing out that Mulamwah’s behavior towards Ruth K resembled what she had endured, hinting at a recurring pattern in Mulamwah’s relationships.

Expressing sympathy for Ruth K, Carol seemed to be cautioning her about potential future treatment she might face.

Public reactions to Carol Sonnie’s statements have been varied. Some commend her for shedding light on what they perceive as a problematic pattern in Mulamwah’s relationships, while others criticize her for airing grievances publicly and potentially worsening the situation.

As of now, Mulamwah has not responded to Carol Sonnie’s comments, focusing instead on his new role as a father to Oyando Junior.

Ruth K has chosen to remain relatively silent amidst the controversy, opting not to engage with Carol Sonnie’s allegations.

This saga serves as a reminder of the intricacies of relationships in the public eye, especially when social media becomes a platform for airing personal grievances. While Carol Sonnie may have valid concerns based on her past experiences, it is crucial to handle such matters with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved.