I want to see Samidoh”- Karen Nyamu's Daughter Says After Spotting A Photo Of Muchoki On A Matatu

“I want to see Samidoh”- Karen Nyamu’s Daughter Says After Spotting A Photo Of Muchoki On A Matatu.

Sharing the video on her Instagram account, the city lawyer cum entrepreneur’s daughter could be heard inaudibly saying that she wants to see Samidoh.

Karen said that she was taking the daughter to school when she spotted the musician’s photo on a matatu and begged her to see Samidoh.

‘We found a car with Samidoh. I want to see Samidoh,ʼ the daughter said.

‘Dropping her to school this morning. my daughter is a cartoon,ʼ Nyamu captioned the video.

Karen Nyamu has been the center of drama when Musician Samidoh is mentioned.

Few weeks ago, she served her followers with hot cups of tea after revealing way too much details about her secret affair with Samidoh.

As quick as the drama started, that’s how fast it ended and of course left damages.However the two apologized to their followers and families.

Check our the video;

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