Mbusii: From Selling Soup in ‘KOROGOCHO’ Slums to Top Radio Jambo Presenter

Biography of Mbusii is very interesting. He has been through alot before making it in life. Mbusii is famous for his sheng and also his reggae show at Radio Jambo with his co-host  Lion. The two are a team that is loved by many Kenyans.

Biography of Mbusii.


Daniel Githinji Mwangi is his real name. He was born in Korogocho slums. He attended Eastleigh Airport Primary and finally finished his secondary education at Maina Wanjigi High School.

Hustling Life.

Immediately after form four, Mbusii started to hustle, he didn’t go to any university. He started selling soup in the slums of Korogocho area. After a while he started going to Kenya National Theatre.

At the theatre he used to act set books and because he was funny he used to play childrens role. Due to his talent he landed into his first TV program known as crazy Kenyans. He used to act alongside Cheiph and Mshamba.

At the Tv things were not easy because people used to replicate his ideas. This made him to quit Tv in 2005 and went back to Kenya National Theatre.

Career Life

Because he was talented Ghetto radio hired him. Here he used to run one of the best reggae shows in the country.

However while at Ghetto radio Mbusii was still broke and he revealed that he used to peddle bang in order to pay his rent and support her pregnant wife
Before becoming a presenter at Ghetto Radio , he used to be a messenger and his salary was ksh. 3000 per month. This is what made him to start peddling drugs.

Radio Jambo ( Teke teke show).

In 2013 , Mbusii landed into a big Job at Radio Jambo. He started the Teketeke show, that is still loved till to date. Here lion Joined him and the duo became the best reggae hosts in Kenya .

He gained more fame and aside from being a radio presenter, he is also an MC , musician and even event organizer. Mbusii is a big name in Entertainment and Journalism field.


Mbusii is a clear epitome of hard work, persistence, and pure talent and earns a salary of around Ksh.700,000 at Radio Jambo per month.


He is a family man and has three girls Sandra , stacy and bobo s. He is in a happy relationship with his wife.

Wealth and Expensive properties owned by Mbusii.

He is currently among the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya. Mbusii is a millionaire and he owns an expensive mansion in one of the suburbs in the city. He also has a collection of expensive cars , including a Rangerover. He is wealthy and living a very lavish life. His networth isn’t available to the public.