Mejja Reveals Why He Put All His Multi-Million Properties Under His Mother’s Name Instead of His Wife

In a recent interview with Radio Maisha, the esteemed musician Mejja, also known as Nameye Khadija in the music world, openly discussed his financial arrangements, shedding light on his decision to entrust his wealth to his mother.

Mejja disclosed that his assets are officially registered under his mother’s name, a choice rooted in deep trust and a sense of security. This decision reflects his profound connection with his mother, whom he holds in high regard.

The artist, renowned for his strong bond with his mother, elaborated on why he designated her as the recipient of his assets. He emphasized his unwavering trust in her, citing her as the most reliable individual to oversee his financial affairs.

Despite being in a relationship, Mejja clarified that he is still in the process of getting to know his partner and therefore isn’t prepared to assign her such a significant responsibility at present.

He explained, “For the time being, I’ve chosen my mother as the recipient of my assets until I find someone who embodies her qualities. Entrusting someone with your wealth requires a deep understanding of their character.”

Mejja’s upbringing in Nyeri’s Majengo slums deeply influenced his decision-making. He adopted his mother’s second name as his surname as a tribute to her for single-handedly raising him and his siblings after their father’s departure.

Reflecting on his childhood, Mejja recounted moments of witnessing his mother’s sacrifices and resilience. Despite facing numerous challenges, she persevered for the sake of her children.

He expressed profound admiration for his mother, recognizing her as his source of inspiration and his guiding light. Her selflessness and dedication to their family left an indelible mark on Mejja’s life.

Despite not being romantically involved with their mother, Mejja underscored the significance of maintaining strong family ties and being actively involved in his children’s lives.

He reiterated his commitment to providing his children with the love, support, and guidance they need, drawing from his own experiences growing up.

In Mejja’s narrative, the importance of familial bonds and the profound influence of a mother’s love and sacrifice shine through, shaping his decisions and priorities in life.