Moyadavid : I made ksh. 420K During My 3 hours Meet ,Dance and Greet in Dubai.

From humble beginnings as a street dancer to now reaping millions through his artistic endeavors, Moyadavid, Kenya’s premier TikToker and reigning King of surprises, recently embarked on a venture to Dubai that proved immensely lucrative. Reflecting on his journey, Moyadavid disclosed the vast financial opportunities present in Dubai, where he amassed considerable wealth.

During an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve upon his return to Kenya, Moyadavid recounted the overwhelming demand for his services in Dubai, which necessitated his strategic decision to organize a meet-and-greet event to accommodate his numerous bookings.

The event, held aboard a luxurious yacht, attracted a substantial turnout, with over 60 eager attendees paying an entrance fee of Ksh. 7,000 each. In just four hours, Moyadavid’s earnings from this event alone amounted to a staggering Ksh. 420,000, underscoring the profitability of his enterprise.

Moreover, Moyadavid’s stint in Dubai saw him execute a remarkable total of 12 surprise acts, further solidifying his status as a master of his craft. Reflecting on his experiences, Moyadavid highlighted the thriving market in Dubai, where his services commanded premium rates compared to those in his native Kenya.

In essence, Moyadavid’s foray into Dubai exemplifies not only his entrepreneurial acumen but also the boundless potential for success in the global entertainment industry.