Thee Alfa House introduce new team replacing TikTokers Naiseku, Klaus and Kaiyet

The Alfa House team has recently welcomed three new members to fill the spots left vacant by the departure of their former members. Through an announcement on their Instagram page, Thee Alfa House introduced their audience to the fresh faces joining their crew.

In a video shared on social media, Thee Alfa House unveiled the newcomers: Amos Waringa, Shilah Munene, and Deep.k.i.s.s, who will now be part of the team. The caption accompanying the video read, “Who’s there? The new ones,” indicating the arrival of the new talent.

The departure of the previous TikTok creators, Naiseku, Klaus, and Kayet, was also acknowledged by The Alfa House. It was hinted that the trio chose to move on to explore new opportunities and further their careers.

Confirmation of their departure came directly from Naiseku, Klaus, and Kayet, who cited reasons related to contract negotiations. They expressed that despite attempts to reach agreements, discussions regarding contract renewals were inconclusive. In their statement, they emphasized the need for growth and hinted at undisclosed circumstances that led to their decision not to renew their contracts with Thee Alfa House.