I have been having TWATWA! with My Pastor, He Got Me Pregnant na Sasa Anaruka Mimba.

The incidents of women engaging in romantic relationships with pastors or men of the cloth have seen an alarming increase in Kenya. Such occurrences have contributed to a significant shift in the perception of churches among the majority of Kenyans, emphasizing the urgent need to address the prevailing immorality within religious institutions.

A Kenyan woman, opting to keep her identity undisclosed, bravely stepped forward to reveal her involvement in a romantic liaison with her pastor. During an interview with Reyo Tv, she disclosed that she is currently pregnant with the clergyman’s child.

According to the woman, the pastor developed feelings for her due to her exemplary conduct within the church. Her impeccable manners, coupled with her respectful service to guests, earned her the pastor’s favor, eventually leading to a closer connection between them. The pastor started taking her on missions to various counties, expressing his love for her and proposing a romantic relationship. The lady accepted, and their intimacy became a frequent occurrence during their divine missions.

As time passed, the young woman discovered that she was pregnant. When she informed the pastor, he urged her to terminate the pregnancy, fearing it would tarnish his reputation among his followers and the community. Despite attempting abortion twice, she was unsuccessful. Now facing a dilemma, the lady regrets her actions, perceiving the pregnancy as a divine punishment for engaging in a relationship with a religious figure who refuses to take responsibility. This narrative underscores the pressing need to address the moral challenges within the church promptly.