Mother to KU Student Who Died in fatal bus Accident Recalls Last Conversation Hours before Death

The recent tragic bus accident involving students from Kenyatta University (KU) has cast a shadow of profound grief over numerous families, as they grapple with the loss of their cherished members.

One such family devastated by the incident is led by Catherine Rotich, a mother plunged into inconsolable mourning following the loss of her eldest son, Rogers Kiprotich.

In a poignant moment captured by Citizen TV, Catherine Rotich struggled visibly to contain her sorrow, a poignant representation of the collective anguish experienced by those affected by the tragedy.

During an emotionally charged interview with Citizen TV, Catherine Rotich tearfully recounted her final conversation with her son before he embarked on the ill-fated journey.

“Our last exchange was just before he left for the trip. He was an exceptionally warm and sociable individual – the kind of son any parent would cherish,” she expressed through her tears.

Accompanied by a close relative, Alinda Wesonga, Catherine Rotich fondly reminisced about her late son, portraying him as a dedicated university student pursuing a course in medicine.

Known for his diligence and composed demeanor, Rogers Kiprotich was remembered for his friendly disposition and his innate ability to forge connections with others.

“He was remarkably industrious, always composed, and had a natural affinity for people. We are utterly shattered by his absence. It’s a void that truly seems insurmountable, but we’re placing our faith in God,” remarked Alinda Wesonga, reflecting on the profound loss.

Rotich and Wesonga were among the bereaved families who attended a post-mortem examination at the Kenyatta University funeral home, seeking closure amidst the harrowing circumstances.

The findings of the examination unveiled a grim reality – all victims had succumbed to severe head injuries sustained during the tragic accident.