Jackie Matubia Discloses She Has Never Found Mr Right, Amidst Breakup Rumours With Blessing Lungaho

Jackie Matubia, a well-known Kenyan actress, has candidly shared her tumultuous dating experiences and the challenges she faces in finding the right partner.

In a heartfelt post on social media, the mother of two opened up about her unfortunate encounters with various men who ultimately disappointed her. She humorously referred to these failed relationships as encounters with “Mr. Player, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Idiot, Mr. Psycho, Mr. Cheap, Mr. Lazy, Mr. User, Mr. Know It All, Mr. Control Freak, and Mr. Stalker,” leaving her wondering where she could find “Mr. Right.”

Amidst the breakup rumors surrounding her baby daddy and fellow actor, Blessing Lungaho, who had once proposed to Matubia during a surprise setting on his birthday, the actress hinted at a possible split in a recent interview with Ankali Ray. She assured her fans that she would share more details about the situation on her YouTube channel.

On Father’s Day, Jackie celebrated herself and her role as a mother, seemingly disregarding her two baby daddies. She proudly shared a family photo, featuring her with her two beloved daughters.

In a lighthearted tone, Jackie shared a humorous meme on her Instagram Stories, poking fun at how some men promise to be devoted fathers before their children are born, only to be nowhere to be found once the babies arrive.

It’s worth noting that Jackie’s first marriage ended in an ugly breakup with her daughter’s father. Reflecting on that dark period in her life, the actress revealed that she battled deep depression after her first baby daddy left her and their home.

Jackie Matubia’s openness about her dating struggles and personal challenges has resonated with many of her fans, and she continues to share her journey on social media and her YouTube channel. Through her experiences, she seeks to connect with others who may have faced similar obstacles and inspire them to remain resilient in the face of adversity.