Huddah Brags About Earning More Than President Uhuru On OnlyFans

Huddah Brags About Earning More Than President Uhuru On OnlyFans

Apparently, Huddah Monroe is already making bank only one month after joining the adult subscription service ‘OnlyFans’.

In a span of only thirty days, the socialite now cosmetics entrepreneur claims to have made a cool Ksh1.8 million, which translates to Sh150,000 morePresident Uhuru Kenyatta’s basic monthly salary.

“I am not knocking anyone’s hustle. I made a cool $17,000 in 1 month on only fans! If I was daring enough, I could be making $100,000 monthly. Let me gather my bad gals get legal documents for them to sign. I will be back! On Only fans! All gas no brakes,” Huddah bragged on Instagram.

While announcing her entry in OnlyFans last month, Huddah gave out a 50% discount to the primary 100 subscribers.

The monthly subscription price is $19.99, meaning the first people to take up the offer paid $10 to to get exclusive access to Huddah’s never seen before lingerie and bikini photos.

She also warned that after 30 days, prices would go up.

OnlyFans is a paid subscription service where creators provide exclusive content to paying fans. it’s mostly related to adult entertainment (pornography), but is additionally employed by other creators like models, artists, chefs, fitness trainers.

The creator keeps 80% of the subscription fees while the corporate takes 20%.

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