“Huyo gal’dem ni mtoxic manze” – Karen Nyamu’s Baby Daddy Reveals.

When Karen Nyamu is mentioned, you can be sure it’s another controversy.

The last time her name was mentioned was after Samidoh allegedly gave her a serious beating.

Before Samidoh however, Karen was dating popular city Dj Saint Kelvin who is the father to her first born child.

The DJ on an interview with Radio Jambo this past weekend had a chance to address why the two parted ways for the first time.

Saints said that being in a relationship with Nyamu was very toxic and and he did not want to raise their child in such an environment.

Ilikuwa tu ni Mafight, mafight kila wakati and for me to decide to leave tulikuwa tumefika a point of no return,

he said.

“Every time was an argument na sikua naona kama ni fair kulea mtoi in that environment, so nika decide nimpatie space yake na mimi nikuwe na space yangu but it worked out okay. It was getting toxic; every day was basically a fight. But saa hii sisi ni maboys,” Saint added.

However, the DJ praised Ms Nyamu for being a good mother and a good friend to him.

She is an amazing mother…hata akidate alikuwa ananiupdate. Unajua lazima ataniambia juu kama kuna msee anakuja kwa hiyo keja my kid is exposed to them.