Mulamwah: Nilitoa Carol Kando ya Barabara Akiuza Chips Ako na Wivu Juu Nimenunua Mercedes benz

Renowned comedian and radio host Mulamwah recently made headlines by shedding light on a tumultuous chapter involving his ex-girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

During an interview with Presenter Ali, Mulamwah opened up about the challenges he’s been facing, alleging that Carol Sonnie is actively working against his success. He claimed that she’s resorting to deceitful tactics to tarnish his reputation, despite his pivotal role in elevating her status from a roadside chip vendor to a recognizable figure.

Rather than showing gratitude for his past contributions, Mulamwah lamented Carol’s relentless efforts to undermine him, even though they’re no longer together. He cited controversies surrounding their child as the primary reason for removing content from his YouTube channel and contemplating deactivating his social media accounts.

Mulamwah expressed frustration over losing lucrative brand partnerships due to false accusations propagated by Carol online. He highlighted her decision to block him on all social media platforms while simultaneously claiming she hasn’t restricted his access to their child.

In a defiant stance, Mulamwah asserted his willingness to sacrifice everything in the face of Carol’s actions, vowing that she will ultimately face consequences for her behavior. He declared his intention to divulge all pertinent details to the public, aiming to set the record straight.

The ongoing feud between Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah, fueled by their shared responsibility for their child Keilah Oyando, has escalated over the past year. Matters took a drastic turn when David Oyando disowned the child, alleging infidelity on Carol’s part.