Jowie Irungu Alias ‘Jowie’  Sentenced to Death for Monica Kimani’s Murder

Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, has been sentenced to death for the murder of Nairobi businesswoman Monica Kimani…CONTINUE READING

In her sentencing statement delivered on Wednesday, March 13, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka outlined the three pivotal factors she considered in reaching her verdict: the manner in which the crime was perpetrated, the consequences thereof, and the personality of the accused, Jowie.

Justice Nzioka vividly depicted the harrowing ordeal suffered by the businesswoman, asserting that Kimani’s assailant had no intention of granting her even a single minute of life.

Labeling it a gruesome, horrific, and menacing act, she expressed her sentiments regarding the severity of the murder.

Jowie’s sentencing follows his conviction for the murder on February 9, 2024. Kimani was killed on September 19, 2018, with her body discovered the next day in her bathtub by friends and relatives.

Prosecution’s Plea

In their pre-sentencing report, the prosecution implored the court to impose the death penalty on Jowie. They argued that the evidence demonstrated Jowie’s premeditation of the offense, employing a described deadly weapon in the commission of the crime.

Victim’s Family Appeal

The victim’s family conveyed the immense impact of their kin’s death, highlighting Kimani’s role as the family’s breadwinner and the profound effect her demise had on them.

“No amount of compensation can bring the deceased back,” emphasized the judge.

Jowie’s Statements

Jowie concurred with the family’s acknowledgment that no financial compensation could resurrect the deceased. He also asserted that Kimani met a cruel demise.

Appealing to the court, he emphasized being a first-time offender, his conviction based solely on circumstantial evidence, and the time he spent in custody.

Probation Officer’s Report

The court received a report stating that Kimani’s mother experienced frequent bouts of crying during the report compilation, causing the probation officer to halt the interview multiple times.

Monica’s brother reportedly ceased watching news and limited his trust in people, alongside restricting his movements. The probation officer highlighted Jowie’s double personality, citing unstable partner relationships, antisocial tendencies, impulsive behavior, thrill-seeking, and the use of aggression to control others.