84 years Man, returns home after 47 years gets disappointed that his wives remarried

Reports reveal the story of Peter Oyuka, a resident of Makale village, who expressed dismay upon discovering that his two wives had remarried during his 47-year absence from home.

Oyuka, now 84 years old, vanished from his community in 1974 at the age of 37, only to resurface recently. His return brought a mixture of emotions, as he lamented the absence of his wives and their decision to remarry in his absence, lamenting their lack of patience during his prolonged absence.

In a conversation with local media, Oyuka expressed his desire for his estranged wives to acknowledge his return and urged them to make time to reconnect with him. Despite spending a significant portion of his absence in Tanzania, where he formed a new relationship and even had a child, he had hoped for the fidelity of his original marriages.

The community’s response to Oyuka’s situation varied, with some sympathizing with his plight while others saw humor in the situation, criticizing the wives’ perceived impatience and questioning societal norms regarding fidelity and marriage longevity.