Artcafe: Meet The Owners of the popular Restaurants

Artcaffe Restaurant is a popular chain of urban modern restaurants that can be found in various locations across Kenya. Established in 2007 by Artcaffe Coffee and Bakery Limited, the first outlet opened at Westgate mall with the goal of attracting middle and working class Kenyans who could visit the facility for work or meetings while enjoying their favorite meals. The concept proved successful and the company soon began opening new branches across the Nairobi metropolitan area. Today, Artcaffe operates over 35 restaurants in various locations including malls, shopping centers, and business districts.

Despite its popularity, many people are not aware of the ownership of Artcaffe Restaurant. In 2010, Artcaffe Coffee and Bakery Limited sold the restaurant to Artcaffe Group, a subsidiary of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) Fund IV. ECP is a private equity fund manager with headquarters in Washington that focuses on investing across Africa. The company has raised over USD 3.2 billion for investments through its funds and co-investments, and has completed over 60 deals, 59 exits, and over 70 investments across 44 African countries. ECP also owns Java, another popular chain of restaurants in Kenya.

The major shareholders of ECP include Hurly Doddy and Vincent Le Guennou, who serve as co-Chief Executive Officers. Other key individuals include Carolyn Campbell, Bryce Fort, Paul Maasdorp, and Brice Lodugnon, who serve as Managing Directors, and Rudolph Bella and Renschke Volschenk, who are Directors. With its strong backing and diverse range of investments, Artcaffe Restaurant is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the Kenyan market.