Family of Boy Left Alone in Hospital after Mau Summit Accident Speaks: “His Mother Died” -

Family of Boy Left Alone in Hospital after Mau Summit Accident Speaks: “His Mother Died”

The family of a two-year-old boy, who was involved in a tragic accident with a Tahmeed bus on April 17, has finally spoken up. According to the boy’s uncle, two family members were on their way to pick him up from the Molo Sub-County Hospital where he had been left all alone following the accident. The family was grateful to have been notified of the boy’s situation, but they were also saddened to learn that his mother had died in the same accident.

After the police in Nakuru county made a public appeal for information about the boy’s family, the story quickly spread. Fortunately, the boy’s family saw the report and were able to make their way to the hospital to pick him up. His uncle, Geoffrey Oyugi, confirmed that two family members were already on their way to the hospital to pick up the boy.

The news of the family’s arrival was bittersweet, as they also learned that the boy’s mother, Priscilla Achieng Oyugi, had died in the accident. Oyugi explained that they were not aware that his sister had travelled to Kisumu and only found out about her death after seeing reports about the boy, who was left all alone.

The boy’s mother had raised three children on her own after the death of her husband. The family now finds themselves orphaned and in need of help from well-wishers to transport Priscilla’s remains to Bondo for burial and to plan for her burial. They are also seeking help for the children’s education. Priscilla was a tomato seller, and her brother emphasized how she had raised the children all by herself.

Many well-wishers were moved by the boy’s story and offered to visit him before the arrival of his family. However, they were not allowed to see him as they were not family. The boy’s uncle, Geoffrey Oyugi, also shared that the boy had two siblings, one in college and the other a Form One student who was yet to know about the terrible accident as he was in school.

In conclusion, the accident involving the Tahmeed bus had claimed four lives, including the boy’s mother. The young boy had been crying since the accident, and no one knew his name or where he came from until the police appealed for information about his family. The family is now grieving but grateful to have been reunited with the little boy.