Inooro TV presenter Ken Wakuraya gives update after arrest while performing on stage

Inooro TV presenter Ken Wakuraya expressed his frustration on social media after being apprehended during a stage performance, leading to an outburst of anger from the journalist. The incident occurred at a popular club in Kasarani, Nairobi.

During his online rant, Ken disclosed that he and others had been arrested without divulging the reason behind the apprehension, despite being required to pay a sum of Sh20,000. Uncertainty clouded his mind as he contemplated their destination following the arrest.

Ken voiced his disbelief and questioned the state of affairs in Kenya. He pondered the existence of a curfew and the rationale behind detaining artists. He narrated his predicament, stating that he was now confined in a police vehicle due to his inability to pay the demanded amount. Additionally, he expressed bewilderment as to their destination.

Through subsequent posts, the Mugithi singer shared videos capturing their ordeal as they were transported away in a police car. As a journalist who also pursued a career as a Mugithi artist, he openly wondered why he was apprehended without having violated any laws or committed theft. He exhibited his handcuffed hands as evidence of his arrest, emphasizing that he had been performing at a club when the officers apprehended him.

Amidst the commotion, discontented voices arose, demanding an explanation for their alleged offenses and the intended destination of their journey. Some individuals even accused the police officers of pilfering their personal belongings.

Others in the group voiced their grievances regarding the handcuffs, which were causing discomfort and inflicting pain by cutting into their flesh. They pleaded for their release, expressing concerns over their physical well-being.

Moments before his arrest, Ken had been sharing online videos, entertaining the crowd. However, his joyous evening was abruptly interrupted by the unexpected detention.

Eventually, Ken was released from custody and took to social media to update his followers. He expressed gratitude for their concern regarding the previous day’s arrest. He found it unfortunate that a hardworking band like his would spend a night and half a day in police cells while criminals of various kinds remained at large in society.