Vihiga Woman Leaves Her Husband Because Of Poverty And Gets Married To Her Neighbour

A man from Chivovoli village in Vihiga County is facing shock and despair after his wife left him for their neighbour due to the biting poverty in their home. The couple had four children, but only one remains at home as two sons ran away, and the daughter moved to live with her mother. The man, David Sorema, a casual worker found in tea farms, had a beautiful family, but it all crumbled like a house of cards before his eyes.

Sorema’s son, Nickson, is not attending school or getting the basic needs, including meals, because his father turned to alcohol due to depression caused by seeing his wife daily with their neighbour. Sorema’s addiction has led to him becoming irresponsible, and he cannot provide for their basic needs, including clothing, water, food, and proper shelter. Nickson had to resort to selling scrap metal at their local shopping center, and at the time of the interview, he had only made KSh 40.

Nickson’s aunt disclosed that they had tried to talk to Sorema regarding his situation, but he said that life was too hard. Unfortunately, two of Sorema’s sons ran away, and their daughter moved to live with her mother in the next homestead, leaving only Nickson with his father. It is worrying that Nickson risks becoming a street boy, and he needs help. Anyone willing to assist can reach out to Phelix Joel through 0713481436.

Sorema’s story is not unique, and it is evident that poverty is a significant cause of heartbreak in families. Munyeshyaka Jean-Paul, a single father of two with a disability, also faced a similar situation in April 2023 when his wife left him after they were evicted from their house by the landlord. Jean-Paul, who was born normal and strong, could not walk at age seven due to a treatable illness that was not administered on time. His parents died, and he was left under his sisters’ responsibility, who saw him as a burden.

In conclusion, poverty is a severe problem affecting many families, leading to heartbreak and despair. It is essential to support vulnerable families facing poverty to avoid such situations. It is also vital to address the root cause of poverty and provide sustainable solutions to eradicate it.