I made millions and wasted all of it on sex with church women in Kinoo- Gospel Singer, Pitson Reveals.

Peterson Ngetha better known as Pitson has revealed how her wasted money on sex with married church women.

On an interview with Robert Burale, the singer disclosed how his love for sex saw him waste money after getting involved in extramarital affairs with multiple women in Kinoo.

He added that he could sponsor multiple women by paying their rent and shopping in exchange for sex.

I met my wife Carol in the second year. We started dating and we got married. Later, I got a job at a bank. That is when I released the ‘System ya Kapungala.’ There was so much money during that time.

“I was making a lot of cash and I was just paying Sh. 22,000 as rent in Kinoo. Money is like a servant, so if you don’t give it work, it will introduce mischief. They would pay me with sex. Purity and faithfulness were thrown out of the window. My wife also found out about it,” he said.

He added that his wife noticed loopholes on the family budget and got concerned but he could not find the courage to explain.

“She left and the embarrassing moment is my parents going to her house and promising that their son would behave. I was being asked questions and I had to accept. She came back home but I became wiser in hiding my escapades. She found out again and left again and my parents had to go back and see her parents. We later agreed to mend things and she never left again,” he said.