King Kalala blasts ladies looking for rich men: “Peleka umaskini ya babako uko”

Presenter King Kalala of NGR Radio received a mixed response following her criticism of women who seek to date wealthy men.

In a viral video that has gained traction on social media, the outspoken radio host condemned gold diggers and advised them to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

Addressing the ladies who proclaim, “I can’t date a guy without a car, without money, a guy who can’t fund my hair appointments, take your father’s poverty away,” King Kalala expressed her strong disapproval.

Furthermore, King Kalala made it clear that she has no interest in maintaining contact with her ex-lovers and has urged them to move on and focus on their own lives.

She disregarded the notion of maintaining a mature relationship with former partners, stating that once you become her ex, there is no need for such pretense. She reminded her exes that they had already expressed their incompatibility and severed ties.

In addition, King Kalala appealed to her past male acquaintances to refrain from reminiscing about their shared moments, as she has no interest in such reminders.

She vehemently stated, “May you celebrate a thousand birthdays every year, but I won’t pay any attention to what you’re saying. Don’t bother sending me memories on Instagram from two years ago, or mention anniversaries we never had. Stop dwelling on the past! I have no recollection, so leave me be! If anything, you lacked common sense in our relationship.”

Continuing her remarks, King Kalala emphasized that if anyone sees her with a new partner, they should pass by without uttering a word, just as they do when encountering someone in a store without sufficient funds. She asserted that they should leave her alone and focus on their own lives.

In another statement, King Kalala noted that there is a shortage of men, implying that this scarcity might explain the behavior of some individuals seeking financial stability in their relationships.