Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Replies To Fans Claiming She is Already Forgotten

Overnight sensation Ngesh has offered a response to the critics who believe that her star has dimmed almost as quickly as it started to shine.

Many Kenyan music enthusiasts have observed that Ngesh seemingly vanished from the spotlight shortly after gaining recognition. Some have questioned why she was the sole beneficiary of fame and media attention, while her fellow “Spider Clan” members remained in the shadows.

Taking to Instagram, Ngesh has affirmed that she is still very much active, pursuing her artistic endeavors. She shared her journey from being an Internet sensation to revealing that she used to sell bags as music alone was not generating enough income for her. Her situation mirrors that of many other artists who struggle to make ends meet.

Ngesh initially rose to prominence with her distinctive verse, where she made reference to Nyandarua County’s primary cash crop, potatoes. This struck a chord with the local farmers who cultivate and sell these spuds. Her lyrical prowess also set her apart from the rest of the clan, including her brother, who introduced her to the world of rap music.

Coming from a modest background, Ngesh has faced her fair share of challenges during her upbringing and education. However, she has never wavered in her pursuit of the dream to succeed, and she now enjoys attention from various quarters, including prominent figures like Mike Sonko and Karen Nyamu.

Karen, who is in a relationship with the popular artist Samidoh, extended an invitation to Ngesh at her office, and the two shared some memorable moments together, which they later shared on social media.

Mike Sonko, on the other hand, not only gifted them with clothing but also provided them with the opportunity to perform at his club in Mombasa.

To those who claim that Ngesh’s star has faded, she offers a simple response, “Kukula life na adabu,” which translates to mean that she is living a fulfilling life while keeping much of it private.