Carol Katrue Leaks Whatsapp Chats With president Ruto Openly Slams KRG, Jaguar

In a recent development that has gripped the nation’s attention, Carol Katrue, the spouse of the renowned music producer Miracle Baby, has staunchly rebutted accusations from critics amid her husband’s ongoing health crisis.

Miracle Baby, celebrated for his significant contributions to the Kikuyu Benga music scene, has been grappling with severe stomach complications, prompting a widespread fundraising campaign for his medical expenses.

The situation took a contentious turn when KRG the Don, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, insinuated that Carol and her associates were misleading the public regarding the fundraising efforts. In a fervent 28-minute interview with a leading online media outlet, Carol vehemently refuted the allegations, emphasizing her integrity and unwavering commitment to her husband’s recovery.

Addressing the critics directly during the interview, Carol asserted, “Those questioning our intentions fail to recognize the relentless efforts and sleepless nights devoted to seeking aid for my husband’s treatment.”

Furthermore, she disclosed that a substantial donation of Kshs 300,000 from President William Ruto stemmed directly from her persistent outreach, even providing purported communication with the head of state to corroborate her assertions.

Carol’s resolute stance has ignited a broad discourse on social media, with public opinion sharply divided. While some commend her for her determination and transparency, others remain skeptical about the fundraising process. The debate rages on as the nation anxiously awaits Miracle Baby’s swift recovery and a resolution to the unfolding saga.

In the meantime, Carol Katrue stands unwavering, her determination undeterred by the storm of controversy surrounding her. “This is about my husband’s life, not about politics or public opinion,” she declared. “I will continue to advocate for him with every resource at my disposal.”