Stivo Simple Boy Challenges Tanzanian Rappers To A Rap Battle -

Stivo Simple Boy Challenges Tanzanian Rappers To A Rap Battle

Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy has issued a bold invitation to Tanzanian rappers for a rap showdown, demonstrating his readiness to engage with all comers. Through his Instagram stories, the artist behind the popular track “Mihadarati” asserted his supremacy as East Africa’s premier rapper and conveyed his fearlessness towards any contender.

In a direct address, he stated, “I’ve heard there’s a rivalry brewing between us Kenyan rappers and you haven’t even reached the level of @khaligraphjones the OG. First things first, swing by my place to experience a whirlwind of lyrical blows. Now, @bando_tz, if you truly possess bundles of combat, and @younglunya_tzs, you’re sporting that badge well, and @ni_nqesh, let’s not bore each other, and @khaligraphjones, come and respond, my friend.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s proposal emerges amidst an ongoing rap dispute between artists from Kenya and Tanzania. The sparks of this conflict were ignited when Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones challenged Tanzanian musicians to a lyrical showdown. In response, Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree counterattacked with a diss track, boldly proclaiming herself as the paramount rapper in the continent.

Simple Boy’s call to action has generated a range of responses from the public. Some view it as a mere attempt to incite controversy, while others interpret it as a genuine endeavor. Only time will elucidate whether Simple Boy’s aspiration will materialize, leading him to cross paths with Tanzanian rappers in an epic rap battle.