Inside Kenya’s Most Photographed House in Kiboswa That Has Been Abandoned For Years

There is this Multimillion Mansion in Kiboswa, that has been trending Online for quite sometime. There are many romours about the mansion, but today I will tell you the truth.

This mansion, is located at Riat Hills, that is along Kisumu, Kiboswa and Kakamega road. The Mansion is very beautiful and it is very attractive.

According to the reports by social media, the Mansion in Kiboswa, has been abandoned since 2014.  The owner of the mansion, is a single lady.

Mansion in Kiboswa
Abandoned Mansion in Kiboswa

The lady was forced to abandon this multimillion mansion, due to constant robbery attacks. The area it sits own, it is known as ‘the gangster paradise’.

According to Gordon Ottawa, the owner built this mansion, and fenced it with a two meter perimeter wall and with a metal gate. The lady also went ahead and hired a Watchman to take care of her mansion.
After she had occupied the house, in a month time, robbery took place and her house was swept clean during the day time.

The lady reported to the authorities but she didn’t get any assistance. She went ahead borrowed a loan and filled the house within 3 months and it was again raided that same night.

The lady decided to vacate the house and since then, the house has been abandoned for seven years due to mysterious constant robbery attacks.