International Body Sends A Message To President Uhuru Following His Statement On Monday.

The comments made by the active President Uhuru Kenyatta about the decision made yesterday by the Supreme Court have landed him in a tough situation as an international body has sent a warning.

Hours after the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Martha Koome and Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu made a judgment to maintain the triumph of the duly elected president William Ruto, the president moved to give a dubious remarks.

In his articulation, Uhuru indicated that he was not happy with what the ruling was. Rather than congratulating the duly elected president, he addressed why the court made a conflicting judgment in spite of what was made in the past political decision petitions.

This comment from the president has reached the International Human Rights Foundation which has moved with speed to caution his comments. They have reminded Uhuru Kenyatta that he ought to remember that he plays a part in keeping peace in the country.

It ought to be remembered that the President is the chair of Azimio camp led by Raila Odinga who ran for the seat of president and lost to his fundamental rival William Ruto who has so far been declared an elected head of state awaiting inauguration.