Luo Tiktoker Nyakwar Claims She Is Looking for a sugar daddy Man to Marry

TikTok sensation Caro Ondire, also known as Nyakwar Janeko, recently opened up about her current relationship status, revealing that she is single and on a quest to find the right partner for marriage.

In a candid interview on the Obinna show on YouTube, Janeko fearlessly acknowledged her single status and expressed her eagerness to find a compatible match who resonates with her outspoken nature.

“I am open to finding a wonderful husband if it’s in God’s plan for me; he will be in for a treat,” she proclaimed, underlining her commitment to bringing love into the relationship while also valuing financial stability in a partner.

When probed about her past marital experiences, Janeko, a devoted mother, shared, “I’ve attempted marriage previously, but it didn’t quite fulfill me,” elaborating that her previous union lacked depth and was primarily driven by the desire for parenthood, resulting in her current motherhood journey.

As she navigates her single journey, Nyakwar expressed her aspiration to find a financially secure partner to settle down with and build a future together.