SAMIDOH is not a deadbeat dad – Slay queen lawyer, KAREN NYAMU, defends the Mugithi star.
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KAREN NYAMU says she won’t leave SAMIDOH even after he assaulted her – I choose to ignore the red flags.

Lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, won’t leave Samidoh due to the red flag she experienced last month when he attacked her at night.

Taking to her social pages, Karen stated, “Normalise leaving after the first red flag, I won’t do it but you guys should.”

She went on to accompany the post with lyrics from Justin Bieber’s famous love song Nothing Like US.

“Tell me was it worth it? We were so perfect. But baby I just want you to see. There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me. Together through the storm,” She attached lyrics of the famous love song on the post.

The post comes few weeks after Samidoh stomed her home at night, breathing fire and blamed her for cheating with different men.

He affirmed that another man had flown her to Mombasa for vacation.

The well known Mugithi artist left her with injuries on her eyes and forehead and crushed her expensive phone on the floor.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu are expecting a second baby.