“Brown Mauzo hata ako na Toothpick” Vera Sidika now claims days after separating with baby daddy

Vera Sidika has chosen to maintain a relatively low profile following a tumultuous incident that ultimately resulted in her separation from her celebrity ex-partner, Brown Mauzo.

In response to an online critic who claimed that Brown Mauzo had labeled her as a public urination spot, Vera Sidika dismissed such allegations, characterizing them as an attack on women.

Moreover, she went on to associate her former partner, Brown Mauzo, with the use of enhancement pills in an attempt to impress her in bed—an aspect that conflicted with her Christian beliefs. Expressing her dismay, Vera Sidika remarked, “Every time, he resorted to taking boosters whenever we wanted to engage in intimate activities. I am truly astonished that he is now branding me as a public urination spot, knowing well that he possesses something as modest as a pencil.”

In a separate social media post, Brown Mauzo reflected on the tendency of humans to underestimate the value of their relationships until they are lost, leading to a cascade of sorrow and regret.

The public breakup became apparent in May when Vera shared a post that strongly hinted at the end of their relationship.