The Plight of Kenyan Domestic Workers in The Gulf 'Saudi Arabia'
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SHOCK ! The Plight of Kenyan Domestic Workers in The Gulf ‘Saudi Arabia’

The issue of unemployment in the country is on the surge. Most residents are jobless and a considerable number is typically forced to tarmac kilometers in order to look for well paying jobs. Indeed, even college graduates no longer have faith with the system, to most a university certificate is just a piece of paper.

Kenyans however choose to go to foreign nations in belief that it would help them end their nightmares quest for new employment. One of the well known nations where such Kenyans go is Saudi Arabia. Yet, do they generally get what they expected?

It is reported that most of the Kenyans who visit the foreign country believing that they have secured their nirvana are always shocked. What they hoped for and the reality are totally different.

Reports tell that they are made slaves, tormented and some never receive their dues. There have been reports of individuals pleading to be taken back to Kenya subsequent to finding life so difficult in the gulf.

Only it there were sufficient jobs in the country, the Kenyans who are enduring in foreign lands would be cheerfully working back home in Kenya.

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