“President Uhuru has no regards for the law, he even refused to meet me”- David Maraga.

Former Chief Justice, David Maraga has said that he will remember the president as one who had no Regards and constantly disobeyed the law.

Maraga was on an interview with KTN News on Wednesday, June 9 where he said that Kenyatta has openly show his defiance to the law quoting Uhuru’s recent move when he failed to appoint six judges out of the 40 recommended to him.

“I will remember him (Kenyatta) as a President who had no regard for the law,” said Maraga, when his opinion was sought on the President’s legacy.

Notably, Maraga has been on the record for calling out Kenyatta’s disregard to the courts and law.

Maraga in the interview, argued that the president ought to have appointed all the judges recommended by the JSC without discrimination.