Carol Katrue Finally Addresses where Miracle Baby’s Money Disappeared to

Vernacular artist Carol Katrue recently shed light on the financial situation of her partner, former Sailors band member Peter, commonly known as Miracle Baby. Despite his previous success in music and content creation, questions arose regarding his apparent lack of financial stability.

Miracle Baby, who transitioned from Gengetone to Mugiithi music, has been grappling with illness, resulting in medical bills exceeding Sh 1.4 million, excluding additional expenses for medication and daily care.

Carol appealed to the public for assistance in covering these mounting expenses, prompting some to inquire why she couldn’t utilize funds earned through Miracle Baby’s musical endeavors.

Online critics seized the opportunity to castigate Peter, citing him as yet another example of an artist who squanders wealth and resorts to online pleas when faced with financial adversity.

In response to these criticisms, Carol staunchly defended her partner, refuting allegations of financial mismanagement. She revealed that, in fact, Miracle Baby had responsibly invested his earnings.

“Peter utilized all his earnings to construct a lavish five-bedroom mansionette for his parents in Membley,” Carol affirmed.

Membley, an upscale residential area in Ruiru, Kiambu County, served as the location for this noteworthy investment.

This revelation emerged just months after Miracle Baby was lambasted for extravagantly spending close to Sh. 90,000 during a single night out at a popular Nairobi nightclub.

At the time, the couple dismissed detractors, attributing criticism to jealousy.

“Kenyans are consumed by envy… let them say what they will,” Carol retorted in defense of her partner.

Echoing her sentiment, Miracle Baby chimed in, suggesting that most of their detractors were simply envious and financially insecure individuals.

“@Carol Katrue, notice how most of the people hating are the ones who can’t afford to go to hot spots,” Peter humorously remarked in response to the criticism.