Sarah and Simon Kabu reveal they are officially billionaires

Jabo Jabo? Bonfire Adventures power couple Simon and Sarah Kabu have recently joined the ranks of billionaires, thanks to their flourishing business empire. In an enlightening conversation with Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya, the Kabus shared insights into their journey towards achieving this remarkable milestone.

Sarah Kabu expressed her gratitude, saying, “We are thrilled to officially announce our membership in the billionaires club. Our company now boasts a valuation in the billions of shillings.”

The Kabus are the proud owners and operators of Bonfire Adventures, a thriving tours and travel company. Over the past 15 years, Simon Kabu has served as the Chairman and CEO, while Sarah Kabu has played a crucial role as the Managing Director.

Their unwavering dedication and hard work have propelled them to great heights, allowing them to enjoy the finest luxuries life has to offer. Residing in one of Nairobi’s prestigious suburbs, they indulge in driving the most exquisite cars the country has to offer, embracing an opulent lifestyle. However, their path to success was not paved with ease; it demanded relentless effort. Simon Kabu emphasized during the interview, “Success is not an event that happens overnight.”