See what MUTAHI NGUNYI wrote after Jubilee Embarrassment in Juja
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MUTAHI NGUNYI on how RAILA ODINGA can become President without having an election

Political analyst, Prof Mutahi Ngunyi, has revealed a possibility of how Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party pioneer, Raila Odinga, can become President in 2022 without Kenyans going to an election.

In his weekly show, Ngunyi gave Uhuru an option political course of action that would see the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) passed, Raila turning out to be the President – while simultaneously submitting to the law.

The political analysist stated that the initial part of the arrangement is remove all Jubilee MPs and Senators who have populized the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

The subsequent part is impeach Deputy President William Ruto on grounds of advocating UDA and purportedly engaging in unconstitutional conduct.

“The law requires you to impeach Ruto for gross misconduct and unconstitutional behaviour.

“The law also requires you to throw out all Jubilee MPs supporting UDA. “According to the law, these MPs have resigned their seats by popularizing a party different from the one that gave them a ticket to parliament,” the analyst argues.

Ngunyi adds that the very numbers that would be used to denounce Ruto would likewise be used to pass a majority of what is contained in the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill.

The new Deputy president, which he proposes to be Raila, would be vetted and endorsed by Parliament according to the law.

Then, at that point after that Uhuru will dissolve Parliament in accordance with the exhortation given by former Chief Justice David Maraga in 2020.

On the off chance that the courts decide that Parliament can be dissolved without affecting other seats, we can have parliamentary elections in July 2022, extending the terms of the President, the MCAs, and Governors.

Additionally extended will be the term of the new Deputy President who will serve for five years,” the prof added.

The last bit of the arrangement would see Uhuru resign as President and the seat taken over by Raila who then would continue to pick a DP from the Mt Kenya region.

Raila Odinga will now comfortably rule from 2022-2027 !