Nimeiva Kumliko! Jackie Matubia Crazy Reaction To Blessings showing New Girlfriend.

Blessing Lung’aho, the ex and father of Jackie Matubia’s child, caused a sensation on social media when he publicly introduced his new girlfriend, Irene, just a few months after a tumultuous breakup with Jackie.

The Kenyan public showered praises on the new girlfriend, prompting the ever-present Instagram Detective and Comparison Institute (DCI) to engage in their usual practice of critiquing celebrities. When Jackie posted on her official Instagram page, the comments section became a battleground, dominated by discussions about Blessing’s new partner, Irene.

Jackie’s fans were quick to update her on her ex-boyfriend’s seemingly impressive new relationship. In response, Jackie Matubia decided to address some of these comments. In a couple of replies, she asserted, “she still has the crown; no elections were held.”

In decoding this statement, it appears that Jackie Matubia is asserting her continued status as top-tier compared to Irene. She implies that she remains more attractive, suggesting that Blessing did not manage an upgrade. Jackie appears to relish engaging with her fans’ comments, responding to several with apparent enjoyment.

The majority of Jackie Matubia’s supporters expressed the opinion that she is hotter than Irene, reassuring her that there is no need to worry as her ex has not made an upgrade. The comment section was filled with a flurry of enthusiastic comments and reactions.