Plumber Boyfriend Steals ex-girlfriend Toilet as payback for Dumping Him

Would you take from your ex during a breakup, no matter how bad it gets? That’s a conundrum that many people face when they split up and want to be petty. 

But, rather than stealing their favorite cup for morning tea or all of the batteries from the remotes, how about a very necessary piece of equipment that most people probably don’t even consider?

Fortunately, you can read a weird story of an ex who did just that

What happened after the break-up to this woman?

Plumber Ex-Boyfriend Steals Toilet Post BreakupA woman described how her ex-boyfriend stole her toilet | Image: LADBible

A woman described how her ex-boyfriend stole her toilet, forcing her to run to Taco Bell every time she needed to use the restroom. 

We are not sure whether we would laugh or cry at that. We don’t think she laughed when her plumber ex took her toilet. 

Why did the break-up happen? 

Anyway, it all began when the woman ended her relationship with her boyfriend because he ‘doesn’t pay his way’ and ‘refuses to tip service people’.

Then, shortly after their breakup, she went to lie down in her bedroom so he could pack his belongings and leave, but she mistakenly fell asleep. That’s when she realized what he had decided to take. 

Plumber Ex-Boyfriend Steals Toilet Post BreakupWoman was struggling with her relationship | Image: LADBible

In a Reddit post, she wrote, “I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep when he was packing, and he took my toilet. He is a licensed plumber, so he understood exactly what he was doing. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been giggling about it too. Every breakup becomes more and more fascinating.” 

She said, “Nothing about him makes sense. [He’s] the cheapest motherf***er I’ve ever known. He refuses to tip restaurant workers since that is how they do it in Japan (according to him), and he refused to pay the electric bill for the whole time we lived together.”

How did the whole situation end? 

Because this was the only totty available, she had to hurry to her neighborhood Taco Bell to relieve herself, but hey, it’s Taco Bell. Consider the food you could order. 

Fortunately, she was able to contact another plumber who quickly installed a new toilet for her.