“A Very Sad day for boychild”: Reactions as Jowie Irungu is sentenced to death

Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, has received a death sentence for his involvement in the 2018 murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. High Court judge Grace Nzioka, delivering the verdict on Wednesday, emphasized that Monica Kimani’s brutal murder was a premeditated and intentional act, ruling out any claims of self-defense or provocation…..CONTINUE READING

Judge Nzioka highlighted the prosecution’s evidence concerning the severe harm inflicted upon the deceased through the use of a dangerous weapon. She underscored the meticulous planning of the crime and emphasized the absence of any provocation from Monica Kimani, dismissing the possibility of accidental murder.

The judge referred to Jowie as “criminogenic,” based on the prosecution’s portrayal of his unstable relationships, antisocial behavior, impulsivity, thrill-seeking tendencies, and a dual personality trait, as outlined in the probation report.

Furthermore, Justice Nzioka noted Jowie’s violent tendencies, citing his tactical military training in Dubai and incidents where he resisted searches, brandished a gun, and claimed to work at State House, displaying a disregard for authority.

The consequences of the murder on Monica Kimani’s family were also considered in the sentencing. The judge pointed out that Monica, as the Managing Director of the family business in South Sudan, played a crucial role in their income. Her untimely demise led to the collapse of the business, affecting the family’s financial stability. The mother of the deceased experienced depression and a stroke, which persisted due to the profound impact of her daughter’s death.

Justice Nzioka concluded by emphasizing the broader societal impact of unlawful killings, stating that such acts not only result in a loss to the immediate family but also affect society as a whole. She incorporated three quotes on murder to emphasize the gravity of the crime and the need for justice.

In summary, Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, received a death sentence for the intentional murder of Monica Kimani, with the judge highlighting the calculated nature of the crime, its devastating consequences on the victim’s family, and the broader societal ramifications of such heinous acts.