” Pritty Vishy Dumped Me For Stivo Simple Boy” Ex Boyfriend Cries Out.

One of the emerging comedians and content creators, Babunye Comedian, recently decided to reveal a previously undisclosed chapter of his life by discussing his past relationship with Pritty Vishy, the ex-girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy.

During an interview with 2mbili Tv, Babunye shared that prior to achieving fame, he and Pritty Vishy were romantically involved. They enjoyed a close connection, frequently spending time together. Collaborating on content at the Kenya National Theatre, Babunye admitted to being deeply enamored with her.

However, their relationship took a turn when Pritty chose to end things with Babunye and started dating Stivo Simple Boy. According to Babunye, Pritty was the one who initiated a relationship with Stivo Simple Boy, driven by a desire to gain fame through him.

Pritty’s plan proved successful, as she garnered the attention she sought. After attaining fame, she distanced herself from Babunye, no longer responding to his messages or answering his calls.

Despite the apparent rejection, Babunye confessed that he still harbors strong feelings for Pritty Vishy, considering her to be his ideal woman. He expressed a willingness to go to great lengths to win her back and establish a lasting relationship with her. Babunye believes that Pritty is more beautiful than Akothee, and he views her as the most charming woman he has ever encountered.

In a bold move, Babunye even shared messages showcasing his ongoing attempts to reconnect with Pritty Vishy. Undeterred by past setbacks, he remains optimistic that, eventually, he will win her heart and they can embark on a future together as a couple.