Brian Chira Disses Nyako Pilot BAD Days After She Offered to Help Him

Once again, Kenyan social media influencer Brian Chira has found himself in the spotlight, and this time it’s for his public feud with fellow content creator Nyako Pilot, just days after she extended a helping hand by offering to assist him in finding a stable home.

During a live session on TikTok, Brian Chira vehemently denied Nyako’s claims that she was covering his rent expenses. He even resorted to hurling insults at her while addressing the issue, saying, “Nyako, come here, chaos! Oh, I pay rent for you? You pay rent for who?” Chira’s response left many taken aback.

Some of his fans and followers on social media were disappointed with Chira’s ungrateful behavior and his decision to publicly call out Nyako, especially since she had previously used her platform to raise funds to support him.

Back in August, Nyako had publicly announced her intention to assist Chira before his situation worsened. She emphasized that Chira was at a critical juncture in his life where he needed love and stability to turn things around. Nyako genuinely believed in Chira’s potential for positive transformation and promised to secure him a stable living arrangement.

She expressed her sentiments, saying, “We are losing such a nice person… we are not giving up on you; we want to give you a chance. We will begin by providing you with a place to stay so that you can find stability. I hope that one day, when you see me, you will smile and say, ‘Nyako, you did a good job.'”

Additionally, Nyako issued a stern warning to YouTubers, including Mungai Eve, against interviewing Chira, alleging that they were exploiting him for their personal gains.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Brian Chira has engaged in public feuds and resorted to insulting Kenyan celebrities. He recently faced legal consequences for defaming Azziad Nasenya, using highly defamatory language and even sharing Azziad’s personal phone number on social media. He was eventually released on a Ksh 50,000 cash bail.

In a separate incident in July, Chira publicly called out Mulamwah for what he perceived as celebrity games. According to Chira, Mulamwah had refused to take a picture with him at The National Theatre, sparking another public dispute in the Kenyan social media landscape.