Kenya National Highways Authority closes section of Malindi-Sala Gate Highway due to floods

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) recently announced a temporary closure of the Malindi-Sala Gate Highway at Madumadu Village in Kilifi County. This closure is a response to flooding caused by the overflowing of River Sabaki, which is situated approximately 24 kilometers from Malindi Town. The flooding is attributed to the heavy rainfall experienced in the highlands over the past few weeks.

In light of this development, KENHA has advised motorists to utilize the Girimacha-Sosobora-Krashini Loop Road as an alternative route. Emphasizing the importance of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for the movement of goods and services, KENHA urges the public to exercise patience during this period.

Meanwhile, in Samburu County, KENHA issued a warning to residents of Seiya regarding the Kisima-Wamba B120 Road, specifically cautioning against the use of the Seiya Bridge due to overtopping. Although the bridge remains open to pedestrians and motorists, locals are advised to exercise caution and avoid reckless passage.

These precautions come amidst forecasts from the Kenya Meteorological Department indicating heavy rainfall across most parts of the country over the weekend, with a cyclone anticipated along the coastal areas.