Fabian Kaburu: Kenyan high school teacher who Teaches biology & chemistry during the day and works as a watchman at night

In 2002, Fabian Kiria Kaburu faced a challenging decision, opting to discontinue his education in Form Four to assist his parents in covering school fees for his older siblings…CONTINUE READING

Although Kaburu excelled in his class, he could only dedicate two weeks to studying, as the majority of his time was spent on the road collecting school fees. He found work on people’s farms during the periods he was sent back home, but upon returning to class, he discovered they had nearly completed the syllabus. Motivated by his mother’s determination, one night he made the difficult choice to drop out of school to support her.

Unable to continue his studies, Kaburu decided to relocate to Nairobi in search of employment to assist his younger siblings back home, who were in desperate need. He secured a job as a shamba boy in Kabete, earning KES 1000 per month.

After facing challenges in securing better employment due to a lack of academic qualifications, Kaburu made the decision to return to school and complete his secondary education. He enrolled in an adult school in Meru, studying for two years before taking his KCSE exams in 2016, achieving a B-minus.

Despite working as a security guard at night, Kaburu managed to gain admission to Meru University of Science and Technology, where he pursued education. Juggling his roles as a security guard and a teacher during the day, alongside parental responsibilities, presented significant challenges. The prospect of attending a university in another district seemed daunting, as he relied on his security job’s salary.

In May 2022, Kaburu successfully graduated with Second Class Honors. However, despite his academic achievement, he has not resigned from his watchman job, as he still has outstanding expenses, including approximately KES 500,000 in accumulated arrears and bills from his university fees.

Kaburu’s determination and perseverance highlight his commitment to education and supporting his family, showcasing the challenges he overcame to achieve success despite the hurdles in his path.