Mejja Utterly Terrified By Suggestions To Reunite With Ex Milly Wairimu, Calls Her ‘Shetani’ -

Mejja Utterly Terrified By Suggestions To Reunite With Ex Milly Wairimu, Calls Her ‘Shetani’

Gengetone artist Mejja, also known as Major Nameye Khadija, has expressed his strong disapproval of his former partner, Milly Wairimu, whom he has described as a malevolent presence.

During an interview with Tony Mwirigi on TV47, Mejja did not mince his words when depicting Milly as an embodiment of evil. When asked about the possibility of reconciling with Milly, Mejja urged the interviewer not to dredge up the past, drawing parallels between his ex-partner and malevolent entities.

“Let’s not resurrect the past. Those are demons,” Mejja emphatically stated.

Mejja’s comments come shortly after Milly herself came forward to reveal the hardships she endured while in a relationship with the rapper. Milly Wairimu took to Instagram in February 2022 to portray Mejja as a formidable adversary in their tumultuous relationship. She emphasized that no one should have to endure what Mejja put her through, though she refrained from divulging specific details. Milly also hinted that she might share more about her tumultuous relationship with the rapper once she gathers the strength to do so.

Milly and Mejja’s relationship began in 2019, following Mejja’s separation from his ex-wife, who had unceremoniously ended their five-year marriage via a text message.

In summary, Mejja, the Gengetone artist, has strongly criticized his ex-partner Milly Wairimu, branding her as malevolent during an interview. Milly, on the other hand, had earlier hinted at the challenges she faced during their relationship but did not elaborate on them.