” Wanaishi Maisha Fake Tu!” CassyPool Exposes Bahati and Diana as He Reveals

CassyPool, one of the few celebrities who responded to Bahati’s gift of a Range Rover to Diana Marua, took to an online interview to shed light on his perspective regarding the Bahati family. In his candid discussion, he accused them of pursuing clout and living a facade of a counterfeit lifestyle.

CassyPool began by downplaying the significance of the Range Rover gifted to Diana Marua, asserting that it was merely an older model that had been repainted and presented as a grand gesture. According to CassyPool, he perceived every action taken by Diana and Bahati as meticulously scripted, driven by a desire to gain attention and views on YouTube.

He urged the Kenyan public to refrain from falling into these seemingly well-laid traps. In his view, Bahati frequently indulges in self-promotion and strives to remain in the public eye, which often involves taking unexpected stances that, in reality, lack authenticity.

CassyPool contended that it is crucial for Kenyans to recognize that Bahati and Diana are essentially content creators who fabricate aspects of their lives, attempting to convince the public of their possessions and status, even when they may not possess such wealth.

In his opinion, CassyPool believed that Bahati and Diana Marua may not be as financially affluent as many people presume. He claimed that, from his vantage point, he has encountered numerous musicians and celebrities who cultivate a fictitious online image while privately struggling with emotional distress and unhappiness.