Murang'a: Kazi Mtaani Turns To A Sex Haven For Teens. -
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Murang’a: Kazi Mtaani Turns To A Sex Haven For Teens.

Concerns have been raised over the rising numbers of teenage pregnancies around Murang’a County.

As Kazi Mtaani resumes, the number of young ladies expected to get pregnant will with no doubt hit a hundred according to a recent survey by GEMA Productions.

Kazi Mtaani has highly been connected with the high numbers of teenage pregnancies with Nginda Ward MCA Aspirant, Thairu blaming the area youth leaders for not acting decisively on any sex related matter.


“You find a lady with no cash for lunch, what do you do while at Kazi Mtaani and you are a man? You just buy her lunch once, twice and by the third day, she starts visiting you at your house and obviously, s*x will be involved,” he said on a sit down with this reporter.

“The also, because of peer pressure, have s*x in the bushes, risking their lives for lunch and supper, it is the high time for our area leaders to up their game and teach our youths about s*x openly,” he concluded.

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In the survey by GEMA Productions, Maragua South leads in the early teenage pregnancies with Maragua Constituency being the leader in teenage immorality.