Tiktoker Kinuthia: ‘My Nyash Has Made Me Rich’

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia, renowned for his cross-dressing, recently expressed pride in his posterior, asserting that it has been a source of significant financial success for him. During an interview on Mpasho’s quickfire segment, Kinuthia was asked which part of his body he values the most. He promptly replied, “I believe I love my ‘Nyash’ the most, as it has not only earned me recognition but also brought in substantial income.”

Kinuthia frequently adorns elaborate makeup, long nails, wigs, and high heels, actively utilizing Instagram to showcase the female attire he dons. He remains resolute in his decision to continue cross-dressing, driven by his genuine affection for assuming the female persona. He candidly shared, “The most common question I encounter on social media pertains to my sexuality. I choose to wear dresses, apply makeup, and the like because I wish to preserve this character; it’s what people identify me with.”

In a previous conversation with Massawe Japanni, Kinuthia explained that most of his family members comprehend the dynamics of social media and his business endeavors. He clarified, “A significant portion of the clothing I wear serves as promotional material.” His social media profiles prominently feature both the Kenyan flag and the LGBTQ flag, a testament to his unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Kinuthia emphasized that discussing his sexuality remains a topic he’s not yet comfortable addressing. Nevertheless, he asserted, “I am not feeling pressured, and I’m content with my situation.” Addressing persistent rumors about his personal life, he remarked, “People often jump to conclusions when they see you collaborating with someone frequently, assuming it implies a romantic relationship.” He further disclosed his approach to handling negativity, stating that he promptly blocks detractors on his social media platforms.

As a prominent TikToker, Kinuthia divulged that he regularly receives romantic advances from both male and female celebrities via direct messages (DMs). During an interview with Muranganewspaper, the cross-dresser acknowledged the attention but clarified that he’s not actively seeking a serious relationship at present. Kinuthia, recognizable for his feminine attire, makeup, and meticulous grooming, has garnered messages from various individuals, including celebrities.

While some of these celebrities have sent him inappropriate messages, Kinuthia highlighted his decision not to expose them due to their respectful approach. He noted, “Thankfully, they maintain a level of respect when communicating with me, so I choose to protect their privacy.” Nonetheless, he cautioned that he might reconsider his stance should his mood sour in the future.

A few months ago, Kinuthia also urged women to exercise restraint and refrain from sharing his videos with their partners, who were subsequently sliding into his DMs. He humorously remarked, “Please stop showing your husbands and boyfriends my videos; I’ve noticed them in my DMs, and I can’t resist good things.”

In a prior interview with Nicholus Kioko, Kinuthia candidly shared his preference for a financially stable partner. He stated, “All I desire is someone with financial stability; I’m not interested in someone seeking financial support at this point in life.” When queried about his preference between dating a man or a woman, Kinuthia disclosed his newfound openness to dating anyone, acknowledging the evolution of his perspective on the matter.