Story of 2 Girls Who Scored B+ and B in KCSE and Ended Up Dying After a Tragic Accident in Kisii

The families of two young girls, Nicole Nyamoita and Ivy Kerubo, who tragically lost their lives in a road accident on January 26, 2024, at the Daraja Moja area in Kisii County, have shared heartfelt reflections on the profound closeness that the friends enjoyed.

Nicole, aged 17, and Ivy, aged 16, who were eagerly awaiting admission to universities, had been inseparable since childhood. Their deep bond was so remarkable that strangers often mistook them for twins due to the evident closeness in their relationship. They spent vacations together at each other’s homes, always preferring to engage in activities as a duo.

Tragically, their unbreakable bond was severed by death when they were hit by a vehicle carrying construction materials at the Daraja Moja intersection on the Kisii-Keroka road.

Nicole, a recent graduate from Kisumu Girls High School with a B+ grade in KCSE, and Ivy, who achieved a B at Moi Tea Girls School, had promising academic futures. Nicole, the second-born in a family of two, faced financial constraints, and her mother, Caroline Mogotu, took on the responsibility of providing her with quality education through a small business in the Bobaracho trading center.

While awaiting university admission later in 2024, Nicole joined the Ajiry Program, initiated by the Kisii County government to help young people enhance their digital skills for online job opportunities.

Nicole’s grandmother, Eunice Mokeira, shared a poignant account of Nicole’s final moments. “Nicole had a class on Friday evening at Gusii Stadium, where these program classes are usually held. After finishing, she came to my kiosk in Kisii town with her friend (Ivy). I bought them peanuts, and they left for home,” said Eunice Mokeira during an interview at her home on Saturday morning.

Heartbreakingly, Eunice Mokeira later received a call informing her that her granddaughter and her friend were involved in the tragic accident at Daraja Moja.

Nicole’s aunt, Spinicah Makori, expressed the family’s grief and sought answers about the accident. “It hurts. As a family, we are devastated. Because this was an accident, we demand answers. We need to know who caused the accident and if there is any compensation,” said Spinicah Makori.

Approximately two kilometers away from Nicole’s family, Ivy’s family is also mourning the loss of their daughter. One mourner remarked, “She has departed to justice too soon.”

Ivy’s mother, Alice Mogaka, a teacher, recalled the last moments she communicated with her expectant daughter. “I was at school when she called me to inform me that she was coming from town with her friend. She told me that one of the universities she wished to join was providing guidance on course selection in Kisii town, so she requested permission to attend. I told my daughter to take care of herself, but she jokingly replied that she was now an adult and would return home before dark. She used to tell me how much she desired to pursue journalism, but when I heard about her death, I saw darkness ahead of me,” said Alice Mogaka, shedding tears.

Both families are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of their loved ones. Kisii Governor Simba Arati has conveyed condolences to the bereaved families and assured them of his support during this challenging time.