” Mapenzi Imenikataa kabisaa” 35 Years Shix Kapienga Reveals Why She Is Still Single.

Shix Kapienga, renowned for her role as the host of the Jamdown show on NTV, has chosen to share with the public the reason behind her single status at the age of 35.

Formerly a notable actress in Papa Shirandula, Kapienga had previously indicated that her on-screen persona deterred potential suitors from approaching her, instilling a fear among men due to her character on television.

In a recent episode of the Ikonini show podcast, Kapienga delved into the challenges empowered women face in establishing lasting relationships. She highlighted the struggle that many empowered women encounter in finding compatible partners in today’s society.

However, Kapienga disclosed that her own single status is attributed to her disinterest in love. She expressed difficulty in embracing romantic feelings, citing the challenge of deciphering the true intentions of those who approach her.

The actress emphasized that she is unfazed by her age and has chosen to focus on her career and financial growth. Living a luxurious lifestyle, she has opted to invest her time in work and wealth-building, asserting that her unmarried status does not cause her any distress. In her view, she remains content and unburdened by societal expectations regarding marriage at her age.