Binti ya Yesu Adai Kuwa Mjukuu Wa Mungu

The tale of the self-proclaimed Jesus from Bungoma continues to echo through the streets. Yesu wa Tongaren has been making waves online, thrusting his family into the spotlight. Among them, his daughter, Nabii Enoka, stirred controversy with her assertion of being God’s granddaughter.

A Muslim influencer known as Ramadhan took it upon himself to question the legitimacy of Yesu Wa Tongaren. In a series of challenges, Ramadhan posed probing inquiries to Yesu wa Tongaren and his followers, receiving a mix of responses ranging from answers to outright contradictions.

In one particularly intense exchange, Ramadhan interrogated Nabii Enoka about her father’s claim and her own identity. She boldly proclaimed herself as the offspring of Jesus, the son of God, thus positioning herself as a granddaughter of God.

Nabii Enoka firmly holds onto the belief that her father, Yesu wa Tongaren, embodies the essence of Jesus and is indeed God’s son, thereby linking her entire family to divinity. The dialogue was fraught with tension as Yesu wa Tongaren and his followers adamantly asserted themselves as the exclusive path to salvation, with Yesu being the chosen one.

Unyielding in his conviction, Yesu wa Tongaren pledged to persist in his ministry. Drawing parallels to the rejection faced by Jesus himself, he vowed to persevere, confident that even those who oppose him now will recall him come Judgment Day.