I made my first million at 19, selling bedsheets – CAS Millicent Omanga

CAS Millicent Omanga has shared her inspiring journey of entrepreneurial success, revealing that she achieved her first million shillings at the age of 19 while working as a hawker. In an interview on MC Jessy’s Youtube show, Jessy Junction, Omanga recounted her experiences as a young undergraduate at the University of Nairobi, where she embarked on her entrepreneurial venture and reached the million-shilling milestone within a year.

During her time at the university, Omanga used a portion of her school fees to purchase merchandise in Eastleigh, which she would later sell at a profit. With the profits she made by the time exams rolled around, she was able to cover her tuition fees. Omanga’s resourcefulness extended to selling various items, including bedsheets, in order to generate income. She proudly claimed to be one of the largest bedsheet suppliers in the country.

Omanga’s breakthrough came when she secured a tender to supply bedsheets to a hotel in Eldoret, enabling her to expand her business by importing additional items. Having accumulated capital from her initial success, she invested in a new car while still a university student. She recalled the moment she paid the deposit for the car in Dubai, confident in her ability to continue growing her business.

During an end-of-year party for Pitchface, a marketing company owned by South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro, Omanga expressed her gratitude towards William Ruto for his support and credited him for lifting her from hawking and propelling her into the public spotlight. She commended Ruto for his belief in youth leadership.

Omanga also shared the story of her appointment as a director at the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) following the ascent of the Jubilee party to power in 2013. She disclosed that her appointment was facilitated by Deputy President William Ruto. As a nominee of the ruling party, she was summoned by then Energy CS Davis Chirchir, who promptly appointed her as a director at KenGen within an hour.

Reflecting on her journey, Omanga acknowledged the surreal nature of her rise to success. She recalled a moment when she was haggling with an Asian shopkeeper over a good price for bedsheets, only to be unexpectedly summoned to Chirchir’s office. The turn of events surprised her greatly.

Today, Omanga is the proud owner and manager of Milways Enterprises, a company specializing in construction, interior décor, and imported furniture. Her remarkable journey from a hawker to a successful