“You cannot satisfy a public urination spot” Brown Mauzo claims confirming breakup with Vera Sidika -

“You cannot satisfy a public urination spot” Brown Mauzo claims confirming breakup with Vera Sidika

Kenyan musician Fredrick Mutinda, widely recognized as Brown Mauzo, has officially announced his separation from Kenyan socialite and reality TV personality, Vera Sidika.

Taking to his social media platform, Brown Mauzo revealed that after careful deliberation, they have mutually decided to end their relationship.

The musician articulated that the choice to part ways with his spouse, Vera, was made with the best interests of their two children, Asia Brown and Prince Ice Brown, in mind.

“After thorough consideration, Vera Sidika and I have reached the decision to go our separate ways. Our journey together has been adorned with unforgettable moments, but we have come to a juncture where it is most beneficial for both of us and our children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, to pursue separate paths.”

Brown Mauzo also expressed gratitude to their supporters for the unwavering backing they received ever since they made their relationship public. He emphasized their enduring appreciation for the shared experiences and personal growth they encountered during their time together. Additionally, he kindly requested understanding, respect, and privacy during this transitional period.

Several days prior, Brown Mauzo had left his fans speculating with a cryptic social media post following Vera’s solo trip to Dubai. He hinted at harboring significant thoughts but alluded to potential adverse consequences should he divulge them.

“If I were to reveal the burdens in my heart, my tongue might suffer. If I keep them within, I fear they will consume me from the inside. Yet, if I release them, I dread they may engulf the entire world. I cannot release them, so I choose to keep my sorrows within.”

In another separate post, he reflected on how people sometimes fail to appreciate those they have until they are gone, subsequently grappling with sorrow and remorse.

In May, Vera had shared a post that seemed to confirm the impending breakup.