“Raila hakuenda University, he is just a welder”- David Ole Sankok Shouts As He Threatens To Go To Court And Stop Odinga From Vying For Presidency.

Member of Parliament, David Ole Sankok has threatened to move to court if the IEBC allows Raila to vie for presidency in the upcoming 2022 General Elections.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, the nomination MP said that Raila risks being stopped from vying if the IEBC impliments its law on degree requirement for a presidential candidate.

“Raila faces the risk of being locked out from the next presidential elections should the law on degrees take effect because he has no known classmate, be it in primary, secondary, or even in the university,” Sankok said.

“We suspect that Raila might have schooled with Obasanjo while they were abroad. But again, finding Obasanjo to shed light on this particular matter is going to be difficult,” Sankok told journalists.

“We don’t know the course that Raila pursued. I hear some people claim that he pursued a course in welding, but he keeps saying that he is an engineer.”

“So, we don’t want our worthy opponent to be locked out from the polls,” Sankok noted.

Under the 2010 constitution, a presidential candidate will only be allowed to vie if he or she has a degree from a recognized university.